Circular solutions for waste across the globe.

Power that will protect the environment, provide supply security and control costs. The planet, the people and profit working in harmony.


Global Purpose

Turning waste from a problem to a solution. From a cost to a benefit.

Local Process

Enabling circular waste solutions where you live and work.

Delivering sustainable and profitable waste to energy projects today.

Purpose is at the core of what we do. We endeavour to create a different circular model for waste where all non-recyclable waste can generate green power.

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Tackling the environmental impact of non-recyclable plastic waste.

Building a data bank derived from our projects, partners, collaborators and global sources.

Working with multiple technology partners to enable waste to energy projects where you live and work.

Contributing to the production of green energy by adopting a carbon neutral approach.

What we do:

  • Waste analysis
  • Power-off take contract
  • Technology selection
  • Funding package
  • Permissions access
  • Site construction
  • Site operation

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In the process of becoming a B Certified Company.

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